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Cannonau di Sardegna DOC


This red wine perhaps brings to mind, more than any other, memories of Sardinia, its ancient traditions and welcoming hospitality. The type is cultivated throughout the island, the interior being the most favoured zone. Its origins are still unclear, but recent studies, still underway, suggest that winemaking was carried out as long ago as the Nuraghic period; therefore, probably Cannonau was already cultivated in Sardinia at the time of Spanish dominion, when researchers historically date back the introduction of this vine in the island.
Cannonau accounts for 30% of the land dedicated to vine production in Sardinia, covering 7,500 hectares, 70% concentrated in the province of Nuoro. Wine yield per hectare has never been high, and reaches on the average 80 quintals. Cannonau is characterised by a special fineness of taste and perfume which varies from zone to zone: it has a good structure and an aftertaste recaling -in various expressions- blossoms or fresh forest berries, with riper notes of fruit jam and hints of warm spices in the Reserve and fortified wines.
Its DOC denomination is Cannonau di Sardegna.



Vine Min. 90% Cannonau, max. 10% other suitable black grapes of Sardinian cultivation
Zone of production All Sardinia
Subdenomination Oliena or Nepente di Oliena; Capo Ferrato; Jerzu
Grape yield Max. 110 quintals/hectare
Wine yield Max. 70%
Typology and alcohol content Rosé (min. 12.5°); Red (min. 12.5°); Reserve (min. 13.0°); Dry fortified wine (min. 18.0°); Sweet fortified wine (min. 16.0°)
Ageing Min. 2 years, of which at least 6 months in oak or chestnut barrels for reserve; min. 1 year, at least 6 months in barrel