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Sardinia is undoubtedly the chosen land for this species, which together with Cannonau, represents the most typical expression of regional winemaking. Coming to Sardinia through Corsica at the end of the 1800’s, from the granite terrain of Gallura, where it found its perfect habitat, it spreadthroughout the island, where it currently occupies about 2,800 hectares. The Vermentino cultivated in Sardinia is a wine of great personality, which bears no comparison to other Italian or foreign wines, even if they bear the same name. Its presence throughout the island, characterised by varying environments of cultivation, allows the wine to express the various characters of its zones of origin, whilst maintaining a unifying, common characteristic of quality. Demand for this wine has shown constant and consistent growth. Among the three most important types, Vermentino has shown constant growth in demand, never suffering from serious fluctuations. Vermentino vines are currently used for the production of DOCG Vermentino di Gallura, and the DOC Vermentino di Sardegna, as well as Alghero Vermentino frizzante (sparkling). The Vermentino di Gallura has a pale straw colour, with shades of luminous gold, a strong and refined perfume of mature fruit, broom and aromatic herbs. The taste is dense, soft with dry overtones, and a warm “mineral” aftertaste.



Vine Min. 95% Vermentino, max. 5% other suitable white non-aromatic grapes of Sardinian cultivation
Zone of production The entire Gallura zone
Grape yield 100 quintals/hectare; max. 90 quintals/hectare for Superior typology
Wine yield Max. 70%
Alcohol Min. 11.0°, 12.0° for Superior typology
Typology Superior